Lara Caruana Named Corporate Director at VSquared and Gadgets

Rachel Cachia and Martina Zammit are proud to announce that Lara Caruana has been appointed shareholder and director of the company, a development that is part of the organization’s growth strategy and above all its commitment to quality of service.

This means that VSquared and GadgetsThe shareholders are now Rachel Cachia, Martina Zammit, (both co-founders and main shareholders), as well as Justin Camilleri (director of photography) and Lara Caruana.

Lara joined the organization in 2013, having made her debut on the production team of Gadgets and later served as production manager and eventually operations manager at VSquared. She was tasked with leading the company’s growth strategy to become the market leader in video and digital marketing. Lara is now appointed Group Chief Commercial Officer.

Commenting on the development, Lara said, “My journey with the company has been inspiring and motivating to say the least. Over the years, Martina, Rachel and Justin instilled in me the love and passion for the industry, the work that we do. and how we get there. I am extremely grateful for my growth within the company and look forward to an exciting future with this organization.

“Over the past two years, digital transformation has had to happen faster than ever due to the Covid-19 pandemic and marketers have increasingly adapted to changing virtual and hybrid business landscapes. As Chief Commercial Officer, I will strive to help clients reach new heights with their brands, as well as our talented teams.”

VSquared CEO Cachia said, “This is another major milestone for our organization. We believe in people – just as we brought in Justin, our cinematographer, as a shareholder, he three years ago, Lara is recognized for the strong sense of dedication and passion demonstrated towards VSquared and Gadgets since his arrival nine years ago. We are confident that she will successfully carry out her new role with the support of Gadgets‘ and the brilliant teams at VSquared.”