Nothing Phone (1) image officially revealed by the company: Check the details | News

Nothing finally gave us a good look at the design of the new Nothing Phone (1). If it is still not visible in its entirety, we can see a good part of the back of the device. The company has gradually released images of the new phone. At this rate, we can expect the phone to be fully unveiled within the next few days.

The new Nothing Phone (1) made a lot of bold promises. The design is new but not unexpected. After the launch of the Nothing Ear (1), it was expected that the Phone (1) would also receive a transparent panel. The Nothing Phone (1) has a “transparent design” and it shows the “curved surface circuits”. Nothing has also revealed that the phone will be made of “consciously chosen materials”.

The Nothing Phone (1) will get a dual camera setup. Also, looking at the image, we can also suspect wireless charging on the Nothing (1) phone. The transparent panel is different from what other smartphone makers have tried before with transparent backs. Nothing has opted for a single-color component color which makes it more consistent with designs we’ve seen in the past. .

The Nothing Phone (1) launch event will take place on July 12 at 8:30 p.m. There’s no claim that we’ll “find it all out at the launch event.” The launch event will be streamed online.

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